Welcome! New Kinoma Team Members

Lindsay MacDonald

Lindsay MacDonald

August 21, 2015

Kinoma is excited to formally introduce four new team members who join our quest to prototype, develop, JavaScript, and open-source the Internet of Things. They bring proven talent and developer spirit to the team.


Kouis joins Kinoma as a User Experience Designer, Lizzie as Developer Evangelist,
Brook as a Software Engineer, and Will as Developer Support

  • Kouis joins the Kinoma team as a User Experience Designer after earning a Master’s Degree in Web Design and New Media with a focus on User Experience Design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He also works on web design and development, trade show design, product photography, production, and graphics for the Kinoma team. Our updated website, booth graphics, collateral, and more are a result of his work.
  • Lizzie graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Computer Science. She is the first member of the Kinoma team to have studied KinomaJS as a part of her formal education. While at UC Berkeley, she took a class on Human Computer Interaction taught by Kinoma’s own UX Architect, Dr. Andy Carle. She then joins the Kinoma team as Developer Evangelist, and is working on software engineering focused around the needs of developers, and interacting with developers, makers, and customers to help them get the most out of Kinoma. Hitting the ground running, Lizzie demoed Kinoma technology and networked with developers at O’Reilly OSCON her first week on the job.
  • Brook joins us a Software Engineer after graduating from Tufts University, where he studied Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. He first met members of the Kinoma team at the Make MIT hardware hackathon and prototyping competition. Kinoma sponsored this event, and provided Kinoma Create hardware and mentoring to teams using Kinoma technology. During the hackathon, Brook bravely worked with Kinoma Create and Kinoma Studio on Linux, and now, as a Kinoma software engineer, he is working on our upcoming Bluetooth LE protocol stack (powered by JavaScript, of course!). He’s also building out projects with Kinoma hardware and software, such as the Synthesizer project which demonstrates the power of using the audio output hardware pins of Kinoma Create.
  • Will was one of the very first third-party Kinoma Create developers; he built the well-received Ultimate Aquarium Controller demo developed with Kinoma Create that we showed at SXSW 2014. Now, he joins us for Developer Support on the Kinoma Forums. Will is also putting together new reference materials that will address the more common inquiries and topics he’s noticed trending on the Kinoma Forums.


These new Kinoma team members were selected to ensure our developers and customers the best support possible. We’re happy to have them! Let’s #StartMaking.