Kinoma at O’Reilly OSCON: Open Source Meets Hardware

Rachel Bennett

Rachel Bennett

July 17, 2015

Kinoma is headed to O’Reilly OSCON next week, to give attendees a hands-on experience of open source prototyping solutions for IoT innovators. OSCON is O’Reilly’s largest event of the year, and takes place at the Portland Convention Center July 20-24.

Hardware Showcase

We’re delighted to have been invited to the Hardware Showcase. O’Reilly recognizes the innovation taking place in open source for hardware, and is assembling a dozen hand-picked companies to exhibit in the Hardware Showcase. Our demo will focus on the recently introduced Kinoma Element and Kinoma HD.

Kinoma Element is the smallest JavaScript-powered embedded prototyping platform that’s endlessly configurable with a pair of eight pin expansion ports, and always Wi-Fi connected—ideal for prototyping embedded devices poised for mass production. Kinoma HD is the thumb-sized stick that turns HDMI screens into Wi-Fi connected, JavaScript programmable displays for visually rich content that can interface with IoT products, mobile devices, the cloud, and web content.


As we do with Kinoma Create, we plan the following for Kinoma Element and Kinoma HD:

  • Publishing the complete PCB design files, including the parts list.
  • Publishing the 3D design files for all parts of the product, used by developers to design and print custom enclosures so prototypes reflect their project vision.

Additionally, since OSCON 2014, we have fully open sourced KinomaJS, the application framework used by developers to build the core applications of embedded devices prototyped with our hardware products.


The Hardware Showcase is a dynamic, rotating roster of companies. You will be able to find a Kinoma table during the Reception Tuesday July 21st at 5:00pm; during Expo Hall hours Wednesday July 22nd 12:20pm – 2:40pm, and 2:40pm – 5:00pm; during the Booth Crawl Wednesday 5:40pm; and during Expo Hall hours Thursday July 23rd 10:00am – 12:20pm, and 12:20pm – 2:40pm.

Closed devices powered by open source software? The IoT Paradox.

Peter Hoddie will be giving a talk titled, “Closed devices powered by open source software? The IoT Paradox.” on Thursday July 23rd at 4:10pm.

The idea that you should be able to modify the software on your computer as much as your technical skills allow is at the foundation of the free source movement. Why should it be different for IoT products, purchased and installed with high hopes for interoperability? These products are developed with open software and standards, after all.

This talk will explore ways to steer IoT back toward openness and interoperability in hardware and in software.

To book meetings with the Kinoma team at O’Reilly OSCON, please email

We hope you can join us in Portland.