Maker Faire Bay Area: the Greatest Show & Tell on Earth

Rachel Bennett

Rachel Bennett

May 26, 2015

Team Kinoma sponsored Maker Faire Bay Area for the first time ever. It was an action-packed blast! Nothing comes close to capturing the sheer energy, creativity, spirit of innovation, and tech chops of the Bay Area.

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Kinoma’s Message to All: Start Making

Our Expo Hall booth drew a huge crowd all weekend long, thanks to numerous attention-grabbing demos. The “Tilting Tables” labyrinth, “Monster Match” gum ball-dispensing game, a small population of robots, and a brain wave scanner project (built by a 7th grader), were very popular. They also quickly conveyed the range of projects and products that can be developed with Kinoma Create.

Booth action and demos PicFrameNow in its 10th year, Maker Faire is a big event for families, as it presents a great opportunity to give kids a hands-on experience of new technologies. Many are getting familiar with JavaScript, have maker labs in their schools, and tinker on the weekends with mom and dad. Professional engineers, educators, inventors, and children alike took to Kinoma Create.

Enter to Win

Drawing winners Sat and Sun PicFrame

We held drawings for a Kinoma Create both the Saturday and Sunday of Maker Faire. The lucky winners were truly excited to go home with the devices, and we can’t wait to see what they create.

The Greatest Show & Tell on Earth

PicFrame_Maker Faire Bay Area 2015

Thank you to the whole Maker Faire Bay Area crowd for the warm welcome. It was truly inspirational to see excitement around JavaScript for connected hardware making across the board, from novice developers to professional engineers. And that’s the beauty of Maker Faire — everyone has something to discover.

Tokyo and New York

If you didn’t get to the Bay Area event, catch the Kinoma team at Maker Faires Tokyo and New York.

MF Tokyo NY