Kinoma Create webinar 3 – Hardware Pins Simulators

Sean Allen

Sean Allen

January 23, 2015

Please join us for a Kinoma Create webinar on Hardware Pins Simulators Friday, January 30, from 1–1:30pm PST!

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About Hardware Pins Simulators

With the Kinoma Create Simulator, you can develop and debug the application for your project entirely on a computer. But how do you write the application code for the hardware components (sensors, lights, buttons, and servos) plugged into your Kinoma Create when running the simulator on your computer?

With Hardware Pins Simulators, of course! They provide an accurate simulation of hardware components by emulating the API calls of your BLL. That way, your same application code runs unchanged on both Kinoma Create hardware and the Kinoma Create Simulator.

Hardware Pins Simulators are a powerful tool for accelerating your project’s development. Not only do they speed development and debugging, but you can start building your application software before you have the hardware components.

There are many Hardware Pin Simulators available already and you can build your own, often in just a few minutes.

During this webinar we will:

  • Show several examples of Pins Simulators in use by existing sample applications.
  • Discuss Pins Simulators API’s and their two flavors: Data Driven and Custom.
  • Get our hands dirty by actually coding and deploying one of each type.
  • Explain the complementary relationship between the Pins Simulators and Pin Explorer debugging tools.